This department is the heart bit of IBE INVESTMENT NIGERIA LIMITED. In this department , the hearts and minds of our experienced Engineers, Architects and Builders as well as the Technicians are always talking.  The reason to express and profess themselves in their chosen carrier.  We are capable of taking the project off the client from her brief to project/product design, to every successive stage of mobilisation, through material procurement and logistics through complete product delivery. Our choice of material is mainly steel, this provides us with a unique skill which we process in dry construction.  We do not also despise client working drawings where they exits, rather we take them to design review through the nitty-gritty of the necessary details to delivery, providing a constancy at no extra cost.

Due to changing circumstances at home and abroad in the financial markets, it is  often desirable to allow established and experienced firms to provide the facilities, staff, support , yard equipment offices and housing accommodations. Contracting for all or part of those services dramatically reduces the start-up cost and makes it easier and faster to kick-start your projects on schedule, thus providing you with protection against losses due to un-foreseen circumstances.

Logistics management by IBE INVESTMENT NIGERIA LIMITED allows customers to devote  expatriate quota positions (where needed) and related personnel costs to those jobs which require specialisation of the company, thus offering improved financial performance with less risk.